Interested in using technology to bring positive change.

About Me

I am originally from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and am interested in finding ways that technology can help us live healthier lives. This includes research into finding ways that people get help in online peer support forums, and research that will enable hospitals to operate more smoothly.I am currently exploring these problems as part of the NYU CILVR lab and ASAPP.

Previously, I have been supported by Google, Kleiner Perkins, and Microsoft, and in a previous life, worked in software engineering at Facebook and helped advise and source startups at Contrary Capital. Before that, I founded a (still running!) nonprofit in Thailand that organized extracurricular programs for inpatient wards in several hospitals, which I still am involved in as an advisor. I had the opportunity to attend the world's first traveling high school as part of the first cohort. I graduated from Wellesley College in 2018. My work has been featured in VentureBeat, Refinery29, and Tedx.

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Selected Works

Creating a benchmark for advancing Natural Language Processing Knowledge.


How can we even know if we are creating models that are generally good at language, as opposed to simply overfitting to a task? This is the motivation behind SuperGLUE, the second iteration of a benchmark of language models over a wide range of tasks, from inference to coreference resolution to question answering.

Creating online communities for women in Machine Learning

Community cultivation

In order to help cultiave a community of women in AI/ML, I created an online facebook group and helped curate a community of womenin the field.

Augmenting community moderation in online mental health forums.


In the summer of 2018, I worked on understanding the help-seeking behaviors of people who come to seek support in mental health forums. Along the way, I led the development of an algorithm that is able to detect whether or not a community thread needs modertaion bsed on wehther or not the original poster (OP) is being helped with up to 0.92 AUC. However, we allso discovered that models trained on threads written by one English-speaking demogrpahic do not generalize well to another. This work has been published at the world's leading human community interaction conference, CHI.

Market research on mental health + healthcare space.


I have been interested in mental health and healthcare for a long time. I have worked on several projects, from an app for people with anxiety to help manage their anxiety, to a platform for providers to communicate with patients, which has resulted in prototypes of products, hundreds of interviews, and many learnings. I have cultivate a summary of what I have learned here. The NYU Entrepreneurship Center and the MIT Sandbox helped support this exploration phase.

Organized a few hackathons.

Event organization/tech

In the fall of 2018, I was part of the organizing team for WAHCK as engineering lead, leading a workshop on web development, creating the website, and deploying hackathon-organizing software that enabled people to find mentors during the hackathon. In 2015, I also helped organize Mount Holyoke's hackathon (HackHolyoke) as Head of Logistics.

Founded and ran a national program to bring extracurricular activities to hospitals.


Growing up as the daughter of two doctors, I realized early on that there was a wide gap between opportunities present to youth in inpatient wards in Thai hospitals. I founded and ran Light Footsteps Initiative, which curated curriculum in dance, sports, and drawing. We brought volunteers from the Chiang Mai area to these hospitals. I formed an initial team of students and hospital professionals to tackle this initiative, and recruited volunteers at various high schools in the Chiang Mai area. I have since passed the torch as President, although I still advise the program.

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