as one of the greatest writers of all time wrote,
the power of the pen lies in the ability to write oneself into human history.
similarly, in code lies the ability to create.
i'm an activist turned engineer with a fascination of synapses between disciplines.
welcome to my mind

Brief bio: Born & raised in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Founded a (still running) non-profit in high school, passed it on to a hard-working team.
Discovered Computer Science, worked at big tech companies.
For the past few years, I've been working on exploring inefficiencies in the mental healthcare system
and ways that machine learning can be used to make it more accessible.

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Previous Work

Current Work

Research @ Microsoft Research
Masters student at NYU Center for Data Science, focus on Natural Language Processing.

Previous Tech + Research

Working on Mental Health tech
product engineer at fin
kpcb fellow
engineering intern @ internet.org, facebook
gordon engineering fellow @ MIT
research @ MIT Media Lab
published research on prediction of google bombings
engineer @ SolarVision, a medical device to cure glaucoma

Social Good

co-organizer of Serendipia Limitless Camp 2017
selection committee @ UN Solutions Summit
global teen leader 2015
CEO of Light Footsteps Initiative


published book (age 7) sold in national bookstores award-winning fiction (age 14)
misc. writing (age 16+)

Questions currently occupying my time

how can we make mental healthcare more accessible using technology?


Upcoming - NIPS AI for Social Good Workshop (December 7)
Machine Intelligence Conference 2018
Thailand Startup Week 2018

Past Projects

I tend to take projects pretty seriously. With projects, I start with the "why" before figuring out the technical know-how
needed to finish a project. From multinational nonprofits to published research papers, here are a select few of the projects I have done in the past year.
(Move your cursor diagonally across each image for details)

how can we make finding out how various companies treat women as easy as a click of a button?
how prone are search engines to attackers during the 2016 presidential elections?
what if we could control what we do and do not hear
can we detect if someone is misusing a service?
can we predict Airbnb's user adoption?
can we train a neural network to pluralize?

If you want to discuss any of the above, feel free to reach out at yadacmis@gmail.com!

If you want to discuss any of the above, feel free to reach out at yada.pruksachatkun@gmail.com!